OR Fossil Time and Fossil Presents

Ask not what your Fossil can do for you, ask what you can do for your Fossil.  With that (plagiarised) question JFK roused the people of America to think how they could serve their country.  So, let’s apply it to the Fossil in your life.  This might be a fossil you live with, or simply one you visit.  It may not be a rocking fossil.  And if it isn’t I can’t help you but a rocking fossil – well rocks a certain style.

Yes of course they will help you and yes, they might like you to make them cups of tea, (in a certain mug or type of china), may well be able to remember decimalisation (even if it is from pre school) and the miner’s strike.  And in fact, many strikes. But they aren’t just there for memory lane.  Or to be a caricature of their former selves.  Take them out running (but only if they want to) – not just out for meals.  Which is very acceptable to some fossils. Take them shopping for scented candles and good books.  Not bath salts and slippers.  Never buy them slippers.  Fossils rock slippers but they tend to have them already.  Rarely need any more (they don’t go hiking in them so they rarely wear out). 

Fossils rock a flash of pink or possibly turquoise or amethyst, a paisley lining,  a saucy look, a joke, a good film. Definitely decent wine and good chocolate.  They also like you to spend time.  Mind you that depends who you are.  But if they like you (and you will probably know if they do) then time to laugh or to catch up without it being by text.  In many aspects of their lives a Fossil Rocks the mantra – go big or go home. But thought and style in giving – they rock that.