The Agenda Festival

It is always exciting when you realise you are onto something.  Or actually you know you are onto something (or are just doing it or believing it) and you realise that you aren’t alone. Yes that’s the right way round….


The Agenda Festival.  How exciting.  First of all anything with the word Festival in it (except sadly Harvest) is exciting.  When you are at home and warm and think mildly it might be nice to go.  Then you think of mud and awful loos and mud and thin people in fairy wings and you stop thinking about going.  Turn up the radio to prove it’s not the noise you would find irritating after a few hours and put another jumper on to prove you don’t need to show your wings.  But then you see the word Festival again and you click and it is says: The Agenda Festival | Life’s Fine Time. 

Mmmmm as a rocking fossil this sounds like you might have more in common with it than the mud sort.  And deep in the (very well written and correctly punctuated) blurb it mentions celebrating a generation that still rocks.  Yessss.  It gets me.  Us.  You.  It mentions rocking. 

Also and variously it mentions wit, champagne, adventure and the freest of spirits.

We should all go.  We can rock there.  Quietly without making a big thing of it.  And revel in fitting in.  No mud.  The loos at the Hurlingham are splendid.  And nobody (please) will be in fairy wings.  There will be wit, cleverness and celebration.  What a find!