In Development

Like this blog we are all “in development”.  This is where we are now. And we will all end up somewhere.  Probably not right here.  Because time has a way of passing.  And then we won’t be right here. 

So we are all in development.  Like a film script or a building project.  Unlike those things (animate and inanimate at stages in their development) we do not reach the end.  Or at least we do but that is pretty final and then “it” is over and – well then we aren’t in development.  We are developed and have arrived. 

Fossils know this.  Not just that the end might be slightly closer than it once was.  That is a given and not really relevant to the business of rocking now.  But Rocking Fossils have been places, lots of places.  Because they could, they wanted to or it just evolved like that.  Things developed.

But being constantly in development is exhausting. Sometimes you need to be here.  Now.  And just be.  Soak up the moment with the assembled company and laugh, look at the view (even if it is of the bins) and – well be.

So many of my stories are in the “In Development” pile.  How to make (for example) feminism funny.  In a Rocking Fossil way.  Not laugh at funny.  Obviously.  Laugh and enjoy being one funny.  But as this fossil does worry about offending that one stays in the in development pile.  Then there is the “To Be 23 or Not To Be” page.  A hilarious (obviously) take on the old problem page – advice from different ends of the working life era.  Advice covering what would you do if you were 23 and what would you do if you were a fossil.  And then there is the Fossils Rock rock page.  Literally a play list.  And given the views of some on this rocking fossils rock tastes that one obviously would be very divisive.  Some might say a turn off.  But I digress.

So we are in development here at the fossil rock blog because it isn’t obvious.  We are worried about offending rather than being funny.  And fear we are a turnoff.  But we are having such a lovely time doing it.  Laughing.  Poking fun (some would say the bear).  Oh and singing along.  Travelling hopefully may be better than arriving.  Travelling, arriving, developing.  And repeat. 

Fossils Rock Now in case that needed pointing out.