We are all on a journey.  Or some other new-fangled nonsense.  But it isn’t new-fangled is it.  It was first said by fossils when they were in their 20s or teens.  Us.  We thought we were exciting – journeying if you like.  We were certainly excited.  We had adventures and well, excitement.  Now delighted that the pubs close at 10 (or are just closed) (not that we go) and that we can’t really go out.  Can you imagine these rules closing everything when there were 3 channels on TV which finished at 10.30?  When half the day on at least one of these channels was the test card.

I digress. It is what fossils do.  Digress.

Back to exciting and journeying and adventure.  I am excited when my Pilates teacher (on zoom) does a class and I can do it all.  Exciting?  Oh dear is that it.  I have been told to be kind to myself – I take these news messages very personally.  They say it a lot in Times2 (the comic in the middle of the Times Newspaper to be precise).  So, another excitement: it is quite a skill to pick up the Times and not open it and shake out the Times2 (no space) from the middle perfectly in one piece.  Without scattering the paper around the floor.  There you go – not only excitement and adventure but a challenge.  Please don’t time yourself and email me the time. It is your adventure.  Personal.  Keep it that way. 

Adventure – not today.  I cannot think what possible adventure I can have 2 meters from a stranger in Cheshire in the rain.  I clearly have no sense of. 

Journeying: wasn’t that a band.  And what do you say: band? Group?   Worse is it a concert (too Philharmonic), or a gig (heaven help us)(where is my Afghan coat) and then I run out of inspiration.  I would say answers on a postcard but no one does those any more.  So I tend to say I am going to see (insert name of a singer/fill in the blank) at x (a venue – fill in the blank).

Again I digress.

Journey – well car, bus, train, plane.  Most of these are out and going on a journey alone in a car isn’t considered green.  If that is your thing.  Of course it is everybody’s.  They pretend.  I remember going out in the car (usually packed with people) because we could. Away was exciting.  Out was exciting.  No deadlines, not a rush.  Nowhere to be.  We didn’t necessarily call it a journey.  As I journey around my house and garden I am excited.  Well maybe I am not that excited but I have no deadline and am not in a rush.  Not much of a journey really.

Journeys in the head (mind if you like) were what happened after too much of something.  Or other.  Or weren’t discussed in case people thought you were weird.  In the 80s you didn’t open conversations about journeys in your head. Unless you were with your doctor. Can’t go there either.  In case I am being offensive to head journeyers.  Currently journeys in your head – as in making a plan for when we can – are big.  Huge.  So well done to anyone who has practised before. For whatever reason.

So while adventure is a little curtailed, there is excitement and some journeys.  We have that covered.