Category: How Fossils Think

In Development

Like this blog we are all “in development”.  This is where we are now. And we will all end up somewhere.  Probably not right here.  Because time has a way of passing.  And then we won’t be right here.  So we are all in development.  Like a film script or a building project.  Unlike those things […]

Do We Ever Acually Grow Up

I like to think experience teaches us something. That I make wise decisions now I have been and seen a bit more than my younger self.  Lived with the consequences of that thoughtless moment where I voiced my opinion, or had that next bottle, or left with a flourish.  Consequences, such a grown up idea.  […]

Do You Love Me?

Subtitle: Fossils Don’t Ask For Feedback Did you know that you should never ask a question in a court room you don’t know the answer to.  Unless you want a surprise.  Court room surprises – well they rarely break down in the witness box (stand is so American) and sob that they did it, are […]