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What is Rock?

So what is rock.  As in a Fossil who.  Rocks.  It is almost beyond me to explain.  Which is no admission for a writer. I wouldn’t use the age old expression: “Well if you have to ask, you will never get it.” Which is something I might think – but I would never say. So […]

Fossils Rock: The Realisation

When does it come?  This dawning, this clarity, this awakening – let’s stick with the realisation – that you might not be young but that you rock.  We have explored that it can happen in a bank (the very first post) but somehow we are light on the when.  And some would say the where. […]

Fossils Rock – An Update

What is a Fossil?  Who Rocks?  You may have to scroll back for pages to find the earlier explanations – so a quick catch up: Fossils Rock – they live, they live LIFE.  They love. A Fossil is a fossil. AKA not the young. Their capacity for fun is undimmed. They are challenged in years […]


Pressed the wrong button, couldn’t actually find the button, not known what the right order was, arrived and “everyone” wasn’t wearing a tie, or a jacket, or shoes closed at the heel and toe? And not really cared? You quite like making things work, toeing the line (sandals optional) and wearing the right kit. But […]