Author: FossilsRock


EVERYONE SEEMS TO BE RELEASING ONE – a statement that is. This is ours: “We must dance now.  Now – we don’t know when the next chance will come.“ Thank goodness for my friend Caroline in summer 2019.  This was her statement – adopted for use by this site. Do not confuse dancing with the […]

Fossils Rock A Good Title

So having just spent several months not launching this site here we finally are…. Launched. Besides it not being a ship. And absolutely no water being involved, we still call it launching. A blog or a website. I had no idea that it was all so complicated, and to be honest had very little interest […]


FOSSIL CODE – you know what you know. Grammar alert: should that be “Fossil’s Code”. ? Or even “Fossils’ Code”. ?  It matters little.   Anyway There are few more dreaded sentences than: “Can I have a word”. Or worse: “Can I have a word please”.   It never ends well. Either someone you like about to tell […]


Pressed the wrong button, couldn’t actually find the button, not known what the right order was, arrived and “everyone” wasn’t wearing a tie, or a jacket, or shoes closed at the heel and toe? And not really cared? You quite like making things work, toeing the line (sandals optional) and wearing the right kit. But […]