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Turmeric – the new Chablis?

Turmeric is everywhere.  Where did it come from?   Why is it so important?  Which current guru introduced it to the mainstream?  It has to be mainstream.    If I have heard of it.  And if I have heard of it – well it will shortly be obsolete.  Or past it.  Or so yesterday.  Sorry everyone.  But […]

Where Is the Burning Candle?

Questions Not To Ask A Rocking Fossil Part 1. This may run and run.  But we all start somewhere.  Examples such as “Would you like to see the wine list?” (Do people say no?) and “Have you booked?” (Would I bother to be here if I hadn’t?) were too tedious to cover. Today then the question […]

The Day The Numbers Were Too Small

Who knew this day would come.  As a short-sighted, smug, menu reading in dim lighting type well into my 50s I didn’t.  I picked up the newspaper (my favourite being the Times2, a comic in the middle of the well written horror and misery that is the rest of the paper).  And the numbers seemed […]

How to Rock the Name Catheter

My name is not Catheter.  Funnily enough nobody is that cruel to their newborn.  If they are, I hope they are prevented from awarding it as a name for their child.  Along with Enema, Poop and Crossbow.  But I digress. We all make mistakes.  Say the wrong thing, do the wrong thing, spell things incorrectly.  […]

What is Rock?

So what is rock.  As in a Fossil who.  Rocks.  It is almost beyond me to explain.  Which is no admission for a writer. I wouldn’t use the age old expression: “Well if you have to ask, you will never get it.” Which is something I might think – but I would never say. So […]

Fossils Do Not Rock Dating

Where are we America?  We go out with people.  Dating is something that applies to carbon, tinned food labels and is used after back – not sure why as we hardly use cheques any more.  Dating is something that was invented sometime in the late 90s.  Probably imported is a better word.  From America.  In […]

Fossils Rock: The Realisation

When does it come?  This dawning, this clarity, this awakening – let’s stick with the realisation – that you might not be young but that you rock.  We have explored that it can happen in a bank (the very first post) but somehow we are light on the when.  And some would say the where. […]

Fossils Rock Excitement

I got quite excited the other day.  Thinking (which can be exciting) that Fossils Rock (this wonderful blog) could be the home for the unwoke.   These are people.  In case you weren’t sure.  And not some terrible zombie tribe.  But are simply the people who aren’t really clued up about all we should be clued […]

Fossils Rock – An Update

What is a Fossil?  Who Rocks?  You may have to scroll back for pages to find the earlier explanations – so a quick catch up: Fossils Rock – they live, they live LIFE.  They love. A Fossil is a fossil. AKA not the young. Their capacity for fun is undimmed. They are challenged in years […]


Be a bit difficult not to really.  As a Fossil who Rocks is not worried by excess.  By more, by having lots.  They understand restraint and are slightly amused by the tiresome yet endless stream of advice that appears from all sides on the right weight, diet, amount, etc etc.  It does not pass them […]