Author: FossilsRock

Music to be a Rock To

You don’t have to be a maestro to love music.  And from whatever was playing on Granny’s radio or on the way to school music sang out. And sang to me.  Well, some of it did.   I can hear something and be back in 1974, in school uniform watching the traffic.  Music can take you […]

Swear Off?

Another day another zeitgeist.  Swearing off – nothing to do with profanity – the modern term for giving things up.  As in – I have sworn off xyz…..  And there is usually a reason.  The planet obviously and various health benefits, real or imagined.  I had heard of dance off.  It was in Grease (the […]


This is practically a new career.  Or is for those who worry – there is a section of society (many of whom have an on line presence) who actually don’t seem to care at all.  About giving offence.  Never mind what anyone else might think.  But if you worry about giving offence – it will […]

So Yoga Huh

So Yoga huh. It’s everywhere. Mind you so is the algorithm (yes I speak tech)(if it has been explained slowly, admittedly).  Anyway, the algorithm is the thing that sends what you have been thinking about to your computer and phone.  Ads, posts, that sort of thing. You know on social media.  It just knows, either […]

The Agenda Festival

It is always exciting when you realise you are onto something.  Or actually you know you are onto something (or are just doing it or believing it) and you realise that you aren’t alone. Yes that’s the right way round…. Anyway. The Agenda Festival.  How exciting.  First of all anything with the word Festival in […]

In Development

Like this blog we are all “in development”.  This is where we are now. And we will all end up somewhere.  Probably not right here.  Because time has a way of passing.  And then we won’t be right here.  So we are all in development.  Like a film script or a building project.  Unlike those things […]

I Will Get Right On It

One of the delights of not having a boss is that I set my own agenda, hours and tasks.  There is a draw back.  I don’t get paid unless I get on with it.  But I did and still can find other people’s plans quite tedious.  Even when quite new to the work place I […]

Do We Ever Acually Grow Up

I like to think experience teaches us something. That I make wise decisions now I have been and seen a bit more than my younger self.  Lived with the consequences of that thoughtless moment where I voiced my opinion, or had that next bottle, or left with a flourish.  Consequences, such a grown up idea.  […]

Do You Love Me?

Subtitle: Fossils Don’t Ask For Feedback Did you know that you should never ask a question in a court room you don’t know the answer to.  Unless you want a surprise.  Court room surprises – well they rarely break down in the witness box (stand is so American) and sob that they did it, are […]

Does Mick Jagger Pay to Park?

Sub title to this post:  Do Rocking Fossils Rage? Is being a rocking fossil (as in appreciating all you have done and achieved and are and the fun you have) just a distraction from moaning about The Shit Show (let’s stick to the abbreviation from here – TSS) that is so much of life?   That […]