The About Page.  Well done for coming this far. 

Fossils Rock began as a way of stringing together thoughts, messages and articles about life. Life at an age when you are no longer considered young, but don’t care because life is great. In fact, life is excellent.  You might not be relevant to some, but you mostly don’t care.  There may be tough stuff which you can handle – with a friend or two and insights from great writers (like Fossils Rock) you find on the internet.  But you know there is fun to be had.  Life is to be enjoyed.  You are a Fossil who Rocks. 

I wrote it all down to entertain.  I love doing it.  I simply want to make you smile.  Perhaps to think a little bit.  But mostly to make you feel that you belong, you really do.  There are people like us out there.  Woven through the Fossils Rock blog is more about me.  Have a look at the What’s A Fossils Section.  I’m in there writing it out and about it.

I write all sorts of things all the time.  A committed and random wordsmith.  I always wanted to write and be paid.  How utterly fabulous to let loose your views and get paid.  Letting loose years ago wasn’t easy.  You had to get past the editor at the local paper or national magazine.  Unless you had a spray can and a large wall.  In the days when they sold spray paint to the under 18s.  And didn’t have surveillance cameras.  So I did something else.  How sensible of me. 

Contrary to much (doubtless well paid) hype – Fossils didn’t always have an easy time on the sun kissed path of well paid opportunity.  But they got on.  Got by.  The occasional lay by.  The occasional leg up. There are other expressions with leg in that I have decided not to include here.  There was fun – which is very time consuming.  But the urge to write never left and I wrote for and during my corporate years – articles, brochures, copy and even a play.  And here I am – blogging about mindsets and fossils.

As a writer I knew (I have a certain amount of intelligence) (and commercial sense) that with so much on their plates, what with the bank jobs and stealing from the elderly, the computer hackers may not find and expose my stories this century or even next. So my blog was born in the (some would say) weird name of Fossils Rock.  Because we do.