Don’t get me wrong I am finding the vast number of videos and photographs (humorous) circulating the internet during the pandemic lockdowns very entertaining.  I hope they soon break whatsapp.  In the future will we be asked by the very young the above nail biting question.  The guilt/vague feeling of unease/paranoia aroused by the slogan on the wartime poster, so cleverly adapted here, apparently ensured recruitment to all necessary services. Guilt them into being useful or doing their duty.

In a non war context doing one’s duty is less clear. Or really very clear. So as one of the 75% of the nation who don’t work for the NHS/care industry/do vital other work, most are simply being required to sit on the sofa as much as possible and be slightly measured in their shopping habits.  I think I can safely say I am doing my duty.  And doing it very, very well.  I hate shopping.  My sofa is very comfortable.  Lucky me.

I am aware I may need a better answer for the inquisitive next generation. So what else did I do.  Looked out through very dirty windows into the sunshine toying with the idea of cleaning them.  For a moment.  The thought passes.  Opened the fridge, toyed with the idea of cleaning it.  The thought passes.   Wondered whether it was too early for a glass of wine.  The thought passes.  (Quite regret that one but no – must be strong).  Vaguely wonder who thought up the expression lock down.  Could have used another phrase.  Something less prison.  Staycation being taken.  Stay in be in (aka SIBI)? Sounds like a robot.  Mandatory seclusion is as bad.  I suppose that’s why it’s lock down.  They couldn’t think of anything else. The thought passes.

Could say to the future questioning children – That is Top Secret – I could tell you but then I would have to kill.  But that doesn’t work.  This isn’t war with spies and sex and death.  It is disease with death, definitely no sex and spies whose war work is to complain if you breathe.  Not even funny.  Was never funny.  The thought passes.

So really what I did in the lockdown.  Not even filter passing thoughts. Let them pass.