Yes Fossils watch adverts.  We have a certain native intelligence.  And an interest in the outside world and all it has to offer.  I just don’t understand the meerkats.  In smoking jackets.  To me they look quite stupid, a bit silly even, so why would you buy something from them. And no I am not going to use the google, do a whole load of research into why they are in the adverts or even what they are advertising and why a meerkat is even an idea for that.  Oh to be a creative in an ad agency in years gone by.

I have vaguely wondered these things.  They are hardly the burning questions of the hour.  Vague and not even mildly interested but the thought flitted.  A real activity of the hour.

I did then wander through other uses for meerkats. As I said not much going on here except inside my head. So imagine using “meerkat” as a way to describe how people behave when caught. Out. With the curtains open in the blackout during the Blitz say. Or when the SS came to the door when you had the Frank family in the attic. Or any other current situation, please feel free to think of one.

So meerkat to describe the stages – no (levels?)(steps?)(depths?) of how you defend yourself. Some would say levels of fear, but not everyone feels it, to a challenge. Or a scenario. I like – The Meerkat Defence.

Low is just meerkat.  Looking about as if ready to run or hide.  Bit vacant. Maybe a smoking jacket. Vacant meerkat.

Medium is meerkat caught in headlights, blinking wildly, no smoking jacket, slightly dishevelled. Scared but not sure why the headlights are pointing at him. Frozen Meerkat

High meerkat might be many things.  Vanished back into his hole, not to emerge for days, is the outcome maybe required by the authorities (or the owners of the headlights let’s say).  Vanished meerkat.

Very high meerkat is where one is splatted on a fence having run into it when blinded by the headlights (as if on way home from an illegal gathering with his granny and her neighbour in the bus stop near the supermarket to exchange bog roll and passata they are too scared to go into the supermarket to buy).  Splatted Meerkat.

Very very high meerkat might be running round in circles, smoking jacket flapping, shrieking I don’t understand, I don’t understand.  The rules aren’t clear. (This is why it is hard to reason with a meerkat). Shrieking Meerkat.

So frozen, vanished, splatted and shrieking.  Not what a wildlife preserver would like. But a use for a Meerkat – not much of a defence, not much of an advert. But a better use for Meerkat. Fossils are creative too.


  1. Heather

    But Meercats without smoking jackets who are not selling anything but living little Meercat lives keep such a good lookout for trouble that it becomes a defence of its own!
    I;m a fossil without a smoking jacket!

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