The Day The Numbers Were Too Small

Who knew this day would come.  As a short-sighted, smug, menu reading in dim lighting type well into my 50s I didn’t.  I picked up the newspaper (my favourite Times2 comic in the middle of the well written untold horror and misery that is the rest of the paper).  And the numbers seemed a bit well fuzzy.  Or small?  I adjusted the light, the page distance, the height I was reading at and yet – still not sharp and focussed. 

So it was the numbers – had they changed the font (is there a font for numbers?), the shape (is that the same as the font?) (it can’t be or the graphic design industry would shut?) or no – they must have changed the size.  Yessss.  Of course, it was them.  The newspaper printing people to fit more comic stuff on the page had shrunk the numbers.  Definitely.  Not my eyes.  I peered and fiddled with the paper a bit and managed. I am of course excellent in a crisis (?) (I use the word loosely as in fact nobody died).

It didn’t actually occur to me it was my eyes for a few days.  The day the numbers were too small 2 I didn’t actually pick up the paper.  Busy, moving, shaking, etc etc.  So had a back log of sitting to do on TDTNWTS 3.  Fossils rock it after all.  Sitting.  I digress.  Day 3 I could see the numbers but the dots were a bit fuzzy (it was sudoku – killer – if you have to ask it is a square full of small squares, dots and numbers in the corner that you fill with other numbers.  You did wonder….).  And yes those newspaper printers had definitely been at it again.  Small, a bit fuzzy and occasionally beautifully and sweetly in focus.

On Day 4 of TDTNWTS I had to read a menu in dim light.  Aren’t we lucky this day has come.  Reading menus, having menus to read, being out, being out in the evening, and with people we don’t live with.  What a moment.  The menu was enormous.  Large card, lots of details, and the numbers were large and clear.  But I needed a torch.  In fact overhead strip lighting would have made my night.  Nobody over 16 ever says that.  And the over 40s who cower in the shadows of best sides, dim lights and soft light bulbs would laugh at you.  Or snarl if you switched that on.  I wouldn’t say cower so much – as the quiet determination to not sit in overhead strip lighting is actually in your dna and surfaces as much as when it is your time for the print to go a bit blurry.

The penny dropped.  (Another historical thesis in that sentence).  It was me.  My eyes.  As someone short sighted from 10 will tell you reading things close up is easy.  From menus, to contracts, to all that small print.  Here, give to me.  It is the horizon, the base line or even middle distance we need help with.  Close up all is clear.  Not any more.  But as a rocking fossil this may be the start of a new chapter.  When the detail is known – as in you know it is there, this detail, but we won’t worry too much about the specifics.  The bigger picture is sufficient.  Give me an overview eg is there chicken, something not too spicy, and halloumi. Perfect.  I am ready to order.  Is there a break clause, is it insured and no more than 10% more than last year.  Yes, I will sign.

SO TDTNWTS taught me that the details can take of themselves, general is ok. A new rocking chapter.  Oh and I need a magnifying glass for sudoku.