Be a bit difficult not to really.  As a Fossil who Rocks is not worried by excess.  By more, by having lots.  They understand restraint and are slightly amused by the tiresome yet endless stream of advice that appears from all sides on the right weight, diet, amount, etc etc.  It does not pass them by.  But they love plenty and extra and just another.  Eine for the Strasse is the happiest pigeon German sentence I know.

The activities that increase weight all give so much pleasure.  Food.  With a whole subgroup of tasting, smelling, sniffing, anticipating.  How can someone not like cake?  Or champagne.  Or fondue.  Or fresh pasta with truffle oil and grated pecorino..  I won’t go on.  Beetroot salad with pulses (however delicious and however wildly endorsed by the celebrity chef who “invented” it) just doesn’t have the same…. Pull.  Taste. Smell.  Or build my sense of anticipation. 

Then there is sitting.  Sitting eating.  Sitting taking in the view from the mountain – rather than conquering it.  Then there is sitting watching the sun set.  And rise.  And pass across the sky.  Pure pleasure. 

Fossils can rock activity.  A simple walk of course and an excuse to play with a team, see mates, and be outside.  But another pleasure is finishing anything that requires exertion and to quote some wag:  getting into the bar and doing something we are good at.  Imagine skiing without the apres.  So even activity that gives pleasure might lead to an activity that might increase weight. 

But Fossils who rock are never fat.  They may have changed shape over the years.  Evolved.  Mutated.  Solidified.  But they work at it.  Both the increase and the decrease actually. They rock it.