Fossils Rock: The Realisation

When does it come?  This dawning, this clarity, this awakening – let’s stick with the realisation – that you might not be young but that you rock.  We have explored that it can happen in a bank (the very first post) but somehow we are light on the when.  And some would say the where.

It can happen anywhere.  A martini moment then.  Or even somewhere between the Picpoul and the Single Malt.  But it doesn’t have to be alcohol related.  Often it is some time when you have had enough of trying too hard or thinking you should.  Try to fit.

In fossil parlance the beginning of time was when the earth was flat.  An expression often used in ascerbic aside to confirm something was a long time ago. For the rocking fossil a long time ago is when things were drummed into you by the mildly exasperated at school.  When pastoral care was something that shepherds did.  If they felt like it.  Nothing like that happened at school.  When Rocking Fossils to be were at school they were often barely tolerated and operated as if in training for the resistance. 

The realisation that you are a rocking fossil is different.  It doesn’t need any drumming into you to understand that life and people come in many shapes and sizes.  Like fossils.  You just get to the point where what you are and (goodness) what you have become, is ok.  That in fact you rock.  Use any descriptor you like, heavens being prescriptive is not a rocking thing.

Some people just know. I rock, you rock, he/she/it rocks/. From school again.  Some never know.  They just are.  Fossils.  Rocking.  Quietly getting on with doing their stuff.  And some come to it later.  A realisation (dawning slowly or arriving in a burst – it matters not) that they rock.  They like to rock.  And they don’t care if they are a fossil.  That Fossils Rock.

Fossils who Rock could be you – a 50 something (or so) with a great life, an ironic eye and a low tiresome threshold. 

One test (there will be many) is possibly that Fossils Rock the gap (and the gab).  The gap specifically between vision and execution.  Fossils who Rock know that it would be wonderful to do any number of things.  Who wouldn’t like to be a yogi, bartender at Kettners, activist, physicist, guru.   Well actually I wouldn’t like to be any of those things but fill in something you would like to do or be.  Then observe (with some detachment) the enormous gap, small space, gaping chasm, between where you are and the thing for which you burn/yearn/feel like.  That is the gap.  Fossils Rock that.  The gap won’t worry them.  They mildly observe it and realise that they may or may not cross/bridge/traverse it.  This is where the gab comes in (not a great word but it goes with gap quite well for the purpose of today so just bear it).  You can chat (gab) about it: the goal, desire, feeling, urge.  It really doesn’t matter about the arrival. 

So that can be it – the realisation that the possibilities along the journey are as enjoyable as the destination.  Mostly.  The anticipation.  Arrival is great too but don’t be too hard on yourself if the journey takes up a lot of your time.  You are, you now realise, a Rocking Fossil. Time enjoyed is never wasted.  Rock it.