Fossils Rock Excitement

I got quite excited the other day.  Thinking (which can be exciting) that Fossils Rock (this wonderful blog) could be the home for the unwoke.   These are people.  In case you weren’t sure.  And not some terrible zombie tribe.  But are simply the people who aren’t really clued up about all we should be clued up about in the MODERN world. 

MODERN world is a shouty place where getting it wrong is a daily fear (and so easy to do).  Getting it wrong includes having an opinion not shared by everyone on twitter (in the MODERN world we are supposed to take something called after bird noise seriously) and when you do you are trolled or shouted down or run out of social media by social media accounts who aren’t even people. Literally an unreal (as in not real) place, where being nice is not an excuse or (to a casual observer) even a thing to be.

Unwoke people in an unreal world.  It doesn’t sound exciting somehow.  A bit depressing. And I soon realised that getting excited is wrong anyway.  And I should stop it right away.  Getting excited about belonging to a class of people (fossils) is exclusive and probably not woke as belonging to something (like a group or a class) is excluding everyone else. Which isn’t woke (I don’t think). 

So I stopped being excited.  Which is a real shame.  Because all the things woke people get excited about (apparently) like prejudice and discrimination and hate and climate change could actually be cured (well helped at least) by a bit of (well a lot of) kindness and thoughtfulness.  But as they don’t do that on twitter (as far as I can see) (must look harder)(but I won’t) then that won’t be any sort of solution.  So best to keep your excitement private?  That sounds weird too.  Not sure about this MODERN world.