I have resisted writing about them. These children.  Not everyone has them, likes them, needs to go on about them if they have them, or if they don’t.  They are endlessly fascinating in the media.  And to the media.  Secretly I don’t think they have as much fun as we did and it all seems a bit serious.  But then I am probably only involved if there is a problem (money, mortgage, arrest, heartbreak) and then only from the fringes.  Their fun does not necessarily involve anyone 20 years older.

We observe the young through our own filter.  So, my children are fabulous.  And very, very embarrassed. Often by me/my:

Singing voice

Music taste generally


Travelling speed

Food choices


Alcohol intake

What I consider to be exercise

But they are fabulous nevertheless.

So I won’t write about them.  NOBODY who rocks anything goes on about their own children.  Some Fossils love other people’s children though. And Fossils who rock remember all sorts of life stages, including being fired, getting expelled from school, running the gauntlet, being close to the edge.  Or at least knew and liked someone who had done one or more of those things. 

So when the next (or even the one after that) generation are getting into trouble, hot water, the justice system,  Fossils Rock silence.  They know that their opinion doesn’t matter, won’t necessarily carry any weight.  A kind smile and a large cider and a swift change of the subject will give the trainee fossil pause for thought.  A sense that there is more to life than indiscretion.  That enough airtime has been granted. 

Watch next time some parent bemoans its child’s fate at the hands of a housemaster/boss/traffic officer/ (I won’t go on).  Other parents may sympathise, a bit of clicking, a bit of oh dear or how dreadful.  Some (brave) soul might actually say: well doing 125mph on the A1 is dangerous/setting matron’s handbag on fire is a bit much.  Good luck with that.

And some will say nothing.  At all.  Look closer.  They actually might have been fired/expelled/remember disapproval from authority.  Hopefully not set anything on fire. But remember.  Very very well.  Sympathise with the consequences maybe, but they certainly won’t condone young Peregrine’s activities.

Fossils who Rock know:

Parents don’t want your opinion on their children.  Unless it is completely positive. 

We all make mistakes.

Some things are best left unsaid.

Get on and deal with the mess –  you made it.

And for the indignant parent I will explain here: 

When your boss says they are releasing you from your contract they mean you are fired.  It doesn’t just happen on the apprentice.

Setting fire to things is a deranged thing to do.  Especially inside.  Because you think it is funny.

If there isn’t something wrong with your right foot don’t drive a car – it might prevent you moving your foot to the brake and slowing down.

But Fossils who Rock relish silence and don’t judge. Children love that.