Fossils Rock – An Update

What is a Fossil?  Who Rocks?  You may have to scroll back for pages to find the earlier explanations – so a quick catch up:

Fossils Rock – they live, they live LIFE.  They love.

A Fossil is a fossil. AKA not the young.

Their capacity for fun is undimmed.

They are challenged in years – not in life. 

Some examples might be useful. For celebrity endorsement I would try:

Joanna Lumley

Jeremy Clarkson

Lenny Henry

Duchess of Cornwall

Alexander Shulman

Graham Norton

Fascinating Aida

But none of these fabulous Fossils who rock would bother with something so spurious as Celebrity Endorsement.  I prefer to think of them as icons.  Icons.  Who show it is possible to not be 21 and airbrushed but have a fabulous way of living.  And better than that they, by example, demonstrate what I am trying to say.  Sigh.  As a writer I should be able to do that without a picture.  Otherwise I could just take up captioned selfies like the rest of the planet.  It is called instagram.

The Fossil Rock summary (definition if you like) is Fossils who Rock are people. But they are the people having a damn good time. They celebrate their age.  Because they can.  They rock it. Which they define.  Not weirdly or inappropriately (and there are plenty of those) (but they aren’t Fossils who Rock – they are just fossils).  They can be quite marmite (fossil food in some quarters).  They rarely have any urge to put people straight, never say “Now look here” or worse “Can I have a word please”. Or only in private.  

Fossils Rock.