Fossils Rock A Good Title

So having just spent several months not launching this site here we finally are…. Launched. Besides it not being a ship. And absolutely no water being involved, we still call it launching. A blog or a website. I had no idea that it was all so complicated, and to be honest had very little interest in how it worked, I just wanted it to.

Having done the first post is fabulous – by the way it/this isn’t a race.  It isn’t first PAST the post.  It is A post.  AKA writing online.  Do not confuse with The Post.  That is about winning.  A mark showing where the winners are.  A post.  This is a post but writing.  Once called an article or a note even.  But things change that is of course what we are posting about.  Or at least commenting on.  In our Rocking Fossil way.

If you are reading you are mildly interested.  Live in hope.

And so to a good title. Catch the eye, keep a reader entertained. Relating. Today was going to be some glum ness entitled: Cashing in Your Sex life.  It began as a joke but went a bit moany, (yes that is a word), possibly feminist (will come back to that), or possibly just human, but an article/rant about why people marry. Or why they used to get married. Men and women.  (Yes men can be feminists too).(can be).  But it all got a bit dark.  And well moany.  SO

That’s the problem with a title.  I would definitely read anything titled cashing in your sex life.  It could be about something dark and scary and preying on the vulnerable.  Yes, I know that is all terrible but not what I mean. Fossils Rock caveat: we know we are safe and that this is a privilege. Here on this blog we are frivolous, tongue in cheek – we rock. I digress. Cashing in your sex life could be about where you can do the said cashing in, what – how – where.  A guide. If that is what will help. Before that meant you had to be orange, pout and wear dental floss instead of actual clothing and have large hair. It could be glamour and excitement and POSSIBILITY and fun.  Lots and lots of fun.

The title was great – I love a good title. But the actuality was not that much fun. Beginning as a joke is a good beginning. Reminds me that this blogging (so modern)(probably superseded by something else very very soon) has to be good. And have some substance behind the headlines/title… So modern, definitely superseded by something else.

But I could see that blog posting is going to offend someone.  So I shelved it. Being offended is now a national pastime. That is what is so easy about today.  And the days of turning it off, putting it down, just reading something else.  Who does that.  (Fossils who Rock actually).  Everyone else trolls, posts, rants, calls for, makes statements, tweets (can anyone else see that something called a tweet really shouldn’t be taken that seriously) or even mildly posts.  RIP Mary Whitehouse.  So, as I said, giving offence is easy. 

So we need good titles. Must not be offensive, to anyone (really? going to be a number of blank pages instead of posts all over the place). And must be fun. It should rock. Leave it with me.