Fossils Rock: A Definition

Fossils Rock – The mindset of anyone devoted to celebrating their life and age. Devotion might be a bit strong.  They just do.  It.  We aren’t stones or old.  And Fossils who Rock aren’t negative.  And are rarely rude. So here goes – a guide:


Adults who do things.  Who feel their time has been but sneakily think they had a great one.  And do still.  And this can continue.  But feel – through mainstream media and social media that they are out of step with now.  It worries them slightly.   Doesn’t mean they will change.

This isn’t nostalgia – a yearning for yesteryear.  Fossils do not yearn (in public), nor do they use the expression yesteryear. This is a quiet giggle, a wry smile.  A realisation that the young are doing it but not getting it – yet.  Silent empathy with the naughty one who knows.  Why would you tell your teenage children how you got (get) away with things?   Subtle, low key, without fanfare. Mostly.

Fossils who Rock are largely happy.  Some fossils are unhappy.  They enjoy this.  They do not rock.

The correct definition of a fossil is easy.  The dictionary has it as: fossils are any evidence of past plant or animal life that is preserved.  Fossil rocks contain a history of life.  

So, if you, you wonderful thing, preserve any evidence of a past life (plant or animal), somewhere about you or in you, then you can claim to be a fossil.  A rock that contains the history of your life. But this isn’t geology or even geography and sadly, fossil can be insult for an old or old-fashioned person. … Also, calling someone a fossil is like calling them a geezer or old fogey. Apparently. 

To explain rock (as in Rocking Fossils) you can use the online slang dictionary (who knew that existed): You rock is a phrase of praise or encouragement conveying “You’re awesome (at something)” or “You can do it!”.  Moving on: Rocking something (anything) is a 21st century (or even 20th century) state meaning you kill it, ace it, do it with style.  

The literal summary then: Fossils are people or geezers (really? who says that) or old or old-fashioned persons; and if you rock you are awesome and can do it. Whatever “it” is.  

The Fossil Rock summary (definition if you like)(we got here in the end) is Fossils who Rock are people. But they are the people having a damn good time. They celebrate their age.  Because they can.  They rock it. Which they define.  Not weirdly or inappropriately (and there are plenty of those) (but they aren’t fossils who rock – they are just fossils).  Examples (icons) to follow.  They can be quite marmite (fossil food in some quarters).  They rarely have any urge to put people straight, never say “now look here” or worse “can I have a word please”. Or only in private.  

Fossils Rock

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  1. Katie Collins

    Came here from your link in TSS. This is just lovely!

  2. Joanna

    According to your definition I am a Fossil who Rocks! So fun and cool! Thanks for sharing your link in TSS.

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