Fossils Do Not Rock Dating

Where are we America?  We go out with people.  Dating is something that applies to carbon, tinned food labels and is used after back – not sure why as we hardly use cheques any more. 

Dating is something that was invented sometime in the late 90s.  Probably imported is a better word.  From America.  In Britain years ago we went out for dinner, met for a drink (drinks was a party), went to a gallery.  20 somethings did not meet for a walk that I ever heard, unless they were a rambler and ramblers did not grow up to be Rocking Fossils.  Although some of my favourite Rocking Fossils ramble now.  We did go the cinema. It was a very cool (and rich) 20 something who took someone they hardly knew to the theatre.  We didn’t do coffee (that I can remember).  This was pre Starbucks.  Ah the good old days.

Dating is a terrible, terrible thing.  Fossils like people they know and people who know them.  New is good – but less likely as a Fossil who Rocks knows who they want to see and spend time with already. And then a newly single (cause unspecified) Fossil is pitchforked (or lands) or strolls into this world.  Of New.

Do you remember making new friends.  Years ago at any gathering of your own age is just happened – work, school, university, innumerable sports venues, clubs and events.  Then there was the pub, before texting it was possible to run into someone, lots of someones.  A mass of like minded, or just like potential.  You didn’t make friends with them all.  You only need one friend after all.

And now?  Do you make new friends?  Maybe one at a time.  But not as often. 

Imagine then this dating. Which is literally setting up meetings, with new people and going to the meeting.  The sentences:

“You must meet my accountant, she is single.”


“My cousin’s friend Nigel is very nice.”

Strike terror into a single Fossil.   But are nothing compared with the apparent need to have a profile, (Witty, working it, tired – is the title of another (obviously) hilarious Fossils Rock story) (I digress).  Once you have a profile, on a site, and then you click a lot – nothing to do with click bait (there is a joke in there somewhere) and then swipe. Heavens what if you do it the wrong way.

An aside – If we go out with married people we do not discuss it.  In tabloids, on social media.  Or with all their friends.  It is not necessary to rub an indiscretion into the public domain’s chip paper.  Plus married people do not date.  It is one of things taking part in a wedding removes from your diary.  It is not a date with a married person.  It is an assignation.  I digress.

So Fossils who Rock do not date.  They do not go on dates.  Probably never went on a date years ago either.  It isn’t necessary.  We meet people, we arrange to see them, we go out.  We go out with people in pairs, groups (big and small) and enjoy it.  We have fun.  We Rock fun.  Or we go home.