This is ours:

“We must dance now.  Now – we don’t know when the next chance will come.“

Thank goodness for my friend Caroline in summer 2019.  This was her statement – adopted for use by this site.

Do not confuse dancing with the duty dance (a dance) with the whole table, as dancing.  We mean the dancing you do because the moment takes you, the moment is now, and you LOVE THIS SONG.   And dancing isn’t always available now – have you seen the queues outside night clubs (you are probably in bed or doing something other than driving past queues in inner cities or too drunk to drive).  Or heard the music.  Of course you haven’t heard the music you haven’t gone in.  Or got in (a whole other story). 

But dancing is what we did.  With abandon.  Verve.  Oomph if you will.  There is and was something deflating about someone who doesn’t like dancing.  It got us into trouble – dark corners and letting go.  Stamping made Eileen come on, and arm waving clarified where the silver lining was.  It got us out of trouble (away from the bar, the wrong partner, even the right partner) – dark corners can be useful.  Before bad knees and the wrong shoes (shoes get another mention) and not knowing the words.  Drunk or sober (and you could be if you felt like it?) there were songs that did it for you. 

And now – Fossils might not think they can hack the dance floor any more.  And head for the bar.  Or a dark corner – yes still doing that.  It doesn’t have to be dark.  It is just a tucked away place, for the confession, the view point sharing, mischief.    But you will find many Rocking Fossils on the floor.  Forgetting ailments and what the young might think.  Showing the young how it’s done.  Not for as long or as wildly.  No shoulder surfing or knee dancing.  And very little air guitar.  (That again is a very questionable activity once over 15, before 3 am or unless in somebody’s kitchen where they have a hairbrush).

But the opportunity to forget that Orthopaedics’ advice and just get it on.  That’s my Fossil.  Rocking.